World War II Illinois Veteran’s Memorial

Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois


cast concrete and stainless steel medallions

11'H 12' diameter

The WW II Illinois Veteran’s Memorial was designed by architect Jeffrey Poss, Urbana, IL, and was constructed in 2004. I was commissioned to construct the 14’ diameter globe in cast concrete as the centerpiece of Jeff’s design. The globe is flanked by two granite walls; one wall represents the United States Armed Forces involvement in the Pacific Theatre of the war, and the other represents the European Theatre. Each wall is inscribed (in chronological order) with the battles fought by U.S. Forces, the year and location. Stainless steel medallions are installed on the globe to illustrate these locations.

It is an elegant and stunning memorial, and I am proud to have been involved in its’ creation. My late father, James C. Nardi, was a veteran of the war. He served in the United States Navy, and saw action in several major battles in the Pacific Theatre. He lived to see this memorial constructed, and was present for the dedication ceremony in December 2004.

All works © Dann Nardi