“Four Brothers” wood and mixed materials Each: 12,5’H 8’Diameter

Detail and wall construction

“Four Brothers” with “Rise and Fall “ in foreground

“Rise and Fall” wood, earth, linoleum, hardware 4.5’H 16.5’ W 11 .5 ‘D

“In the Balance’ wood, linoleum, hardware 5’H 11.5’W 10’ D

“In the Balance”

“In the Balance”

“You Are Here” wood, linoleum, mixed materials 12’H 28’W 2”D

Middle Ground



Middle Ground was an installation that I approached as a site-specific project for the University Galleries at Illinois State University in Normal. I was interested in altering the physical conditions of the space to reinforce concepts and qualities that are fundamental to the large-scale exterior works I have created. At my request, Gallery Director Barry Blinderman, agreed to paint the beige colored ceiling black and I began to design wall constructions to further engage a relationship between above and below. The freestanding sculpture was comprised of common construction materials to activate architectural and shared concerns to both the gallery space, and the nature of my work. A thin strip of Plexiglas, with my handwritten text as a narrative of my experiences and my thinking, dissected the walls throughout the entire space. It essentially echoed a fundamental location I look to question and to find in my work, that being the middle ground.

Essay by Buzz Spector

All works © Dann Nardi