From the first public project created in 1982, I have been consistently focused on integrating the work into its environment. It has been my intent to establish a strong physical relationship between the art and its environment, guided by equal concern to concept and context. I am continually looking for ways to “blur the line” between my constructed forms and the space they occupy. In an exterior situation my primary focus is to shape ground space and incorporate earth as both form and material, whenever the opportunity exists. Plant materials have also been used as a medium within some of these projects, and serve to reinforce the underlying concepts of time, change, and nature, which are present in my work. Another concern that I maintain is how to shape the work in a way that invites peoples’ participation within the work. In a public setting it is my intent for the work to function within the environment as an extension of it, becoming in harmony with the public interaction, and offering a somewhat quiet sense of purpose and being.

Elemental Sequence
In Exchange
Being in Blue
Sagan Hill
Turning Full Circle
Dividing Time
World Piece
Elemental Tables
The Balance of Equality
In Time of Awakening
On the Eclipse
In Southern Crossing
All works © Dann Nardi